Build 33: New Mission Screens!

Sorry for the long delay in getting an update published to Depth of Extinction. We have been busy with implementing some pretty big changes to the game, as well as letting players at OrlandoIX try them out about a week ago. This update does reset save games, so be warned, but I think it's a significant enough change that you will be excited about the changes and what we are going to do over the next 10 weeks in preparation for launching the game on Steam in November! Wishlist the game here!

Change summary for Build 32/33:

  • Status Effects are implemented. Refer to our previous blog for details there. Weapon status changes should display in the UI. The laser weapons that the Feral Androids use has a change to set you on fire, and Cultist weapons have a chance to poison. Medkits and health stims can remove status and also have a chance to start regen where you will gain even more health over a few turns.
  • The Mission Screens are updated to make each area navigable and give you choices about the type of encounter you want to have
  • Each game has a goal to accomplish and a clear map node to progress toward
  • Encounters are not always battles. Sometimes there is a random outcome like getting an item or character
  • Movement on the map consumes fuel in your sub. You can find more fuel on Fuel Depot encounters or as a random drop on missions
  • The overlay grid is no longer squares but just outlines the movable area 

So what is next in Build 34?

  • Expand on the new encounter system with more interesting details and some polish
  • Unlockable sub types to give different starting bonuses and different interaction types
  • Sub damage as another manageable element
  • More missions

Additionally here are some things we would like to get done before launch:

  • Building out more content, including more variation in the maps, more background elements and just general improvements to the visuals on a mission
  • A few more classes and skills
  • Improved enemy AI
  • Gamepad support (not sure yet if it will be full or partial at launch)
  • Some plumbing for the Steam platform including cloud saves, achievements and possibly trading cards

That's all for today. As always, love to hear your comments!

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Version Build 33.7 Aug 29, 2017

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Houaw!  It's been a while since I have not played and the updates seem rather awesome! Apparently I have a lot of new things to see so...  I'll go play ! 

From what I can say until now, it's really a very good game! It gets better and better! Continue like that ! :D

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I didn't play it much yet, but i only can say it's a great improvement !

+ No issue so far on Linux, thanks for fixing the build

+ The world map feels much better, and i loved to see i could actually trade with the slavers, or skip an exploration encounter. Nice ! It may also ease the fact of loosing a soldier in action, with more opportunities to get a new one.

+ The movement overlay makes the screen much less confused and it's easier to see everything, the new overlay is much better than individual tile square.

+ The new option to invert drag is fine, it was a small addition but changes a lot my overall pleasure to move around

+ I like the random world mission, like saving presdent's daugther or stoping android rampage

-/+ I like the submarine fuel idea but it may lead to being stuck, and i would hate simply losing a game because of out of fuel. Instead maybe if out of fuel, give reinforcement to target mission, to show the sub is going slower ?

-/+ maybe add a previous or confirm button before moving ? I tried to click around the world map to see what is what, but it's actually moving my sub

- There is a delay when moving the map around with keyboard, could you suppress it ? I want the screen to stop moving immediately when i release the keyboard

- When dragging with mouse, the screen keeps moving until i release the button, instead of the expected stop when i stop moving the mouse

- I'd like to still move the camera during enemy's turn, now with either option to follow action or not, the camera  freezes

- Music is looping fast, it's not a big deal but longer tracks or more of them would be great too

- I still would like to click twice to confirm an action, instead of having to move the mouse the the bottom left corner each time

- I still would like my soldiers to cancel moving when they spot an enemy, instead of spoting and then keep walking to their death

++ I'm happy about where the game is going, keep the good work !

Thanks for the feedback! Especially the camera controls. 

On the fuel topic, I wanted to add some more strategic elements to the menu screens and it seemed the easiest way.  I plan to have some "special encounters" when you run out of fuel. Just as in real life, someone will sense your need and want to take advantage of the situation.  In other words, you will have to give up something of value in order to get more.

Planning to also add a sub "health" meter and some encounters will lead to damage or repair of the sub.