55.2 - Even More Bug Fixes!

Hey all, I'm back with some more bug fixes that have been reported. Let's get right to it:

  • Merchant screen "Tier" display on some items was not showing up correctly
  • Combined Arms was activating after a "return fire" from an enemy on an overwatch
  • During a Run n Shoot, if the character spotted an enemy, an extra action point was being granted
  • Sometimes followers trying to retrieve an item that is blocked by cover were getting stuck.
  • Swapping controllers during gameplay was resulting in UI input not working

One other note:

  • Enemy movement is still occasionally causing a soft lock. I couldn't nail down what was causing this but i made sure that the bug reporting button was accessible (it was actually disabled during enemy turn whoops) so if anyone sees the issue, please let me know with a bug report!


doe-windows.zip 143 MB
Version 55.2.0 May 19, 2022
doe-osx-universal.zip 146 MB
Version 55.2.0 May 19, 2022
doe-linux-universal.zip 142 MB
Version 55.2.0 May 19, 2022

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