Build 55: Bug Fixes!

Welcome to Build 55! I'll probably do a few more updates to this build over the next month. More on that below but first here's the change log for 55.0.0

  • Fixed the annoying "auto revive" soft lock issue many of you have reported. This was a tricky one to figure out but it ended up being a pretty small fix once i zeroed in on the case where the error was happening.
  • Using the active skill Boost Aim in conjunction with a Grenade Launcher was not giving the anticipated bonus to damage. This has been resolved!
  • Grenades were not able to do critical damage. This has also been resolved and they should now inherit the attackers critical chance (and any bonuses)

For future Build 55 updates, i am considering a few things:

  • Some work on the enemy AI which i have been talking about and working on for a while but have just not made sufficient progress to result in an actual update. Will take another look at this one and see what can be done. No promises though!
  • Adding controller rebindings 
  • Add an additional setting for HUD size and/or zoom

I'm happy to hear additional suggestions for changes for this update, but here are some things I am NOT considering:

  • New map types. Partly for technical reasons and partly because I am saving any new content for the new game i am working on.
  • New story/enemies/weapons/items. Mostly I don't want to have to get more stuff translated. But also the new content thing above.

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Version 55.0.0 Mar 27, 2022

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