Bug fix update to Build 54

Hi everyone! I thought I had resolved the overlay grid disappearing issues but have gotten a few reports of another case I must have missed. I still can't reproduce it exactly but I see the error in my logs, so i did some minor refactoring to try to resolve it. We'll have to see if this does it.

Full change list

  • Overlay grid still not appearing every once in a while so did a small refactor of the code to try to fix it
  • Firing on an enemy in low alert with the Wrecker's area aiming could kill the enemy without alerting the other members of the pod
  • Cancel button on the control remapping screen was not being translated
  • A few things on the main menu were not updating when the language was changed
  • Updated Icelandic and finally added Alliat to the credits for his work on translating it


doe-windows.zip 143 MB
Version 54.2.1 Oct 04, 2021
doe-osx-universal.zip 146 MB
Version 54.2.1 Oct 04, 2021
doe-linux-universal.zip 142 MB
Version 54.2.1 Oct 04, 2021

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Awesome thanks I really appreciate it. I've been playing it since it came out on switch and love it. Thanks for the latest update and bug fixes anyway. Just wanted to bring that up just in case it wasn't out there. Thanks again :)

Thanks! Will keep you updated on the fix

Hi there, I have the latest update for the nintendo switch. I have found that when my soldier revives using the close one skill they can't be used after that in the mission. They just stand there, was this intended?

Hi, thanks for posting. Sorry to hear that is still a bug. I'll take a look and see if i can get a patch out soon.

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you but i actually have been having trouble reproducing the issue when i play. Do you recall if there was a particular situation where this was happening? When the character dies from a regular attack or overwatch (when moving) it seems to revive them and keep the game going. There must be some particular situation I am not testing though because a few people have mentioned it being an issue.