55.1 - More Bug Fixes

HI, all, continuing the trend for Build 55, I have some more bug fixes. Here's the notes for the first update to catch you up first.

In 55.1 we have:

  • When zoomed out on some levels at certain resolutions, the screen would shake when moving the camera. Now the screen movement will lock in a direction that is entirely contained in the viewport, which should prevent this sort of thing.
  • On the Sub capture mission, if the party gets down to one character then the mission is a failure (even when one gets revived). fixed this to not fail the mission but not allow it to be completed if you are down to one character which allows for revives to happen.
  • Changing the input bindings in some cases was resulting in them not being saved. I made a change that should resolve this even though I'm not 100% sure of how the issue was happening i did have an example so i'm fairly sure this is fixed now.

I'm still working on a few things for a later 55 update, so if you see bugs, please report them using the in game tool or feel free to drop suggestions. Same disclaimer as last time in that I'm not really looking to add content that would require translations or new art.


doe-windows.zip 143 MB
Version 55.1.0 Apr 14, 2022
doe-osx-universal.zip 146 MB
Version 55.1.0 Apr 14, 2022
doe-linux-universal.zip 142 MB
Version 55.1.0 Apr 14, 2022

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