Build 54: Icelandic and many bug fixes!

We've got another update for Depth of Extinction this week! Thanks to all of those who reported bugs through our in game bug reporting tool. These are directly in response to your reports!

  • Adding Icelandic language (thanks to our community translator Alliat)
  • Adding a new Raider boss for the insane missions in the Cultists area
  • Fixing a bug that results in a soft lock when a character with an "auto revive" skill is killed by an enemy "return fire" skill
  • Fixed an issue causing the movement overlay to sometimes not appear
  • Changed the default action for follower characters in defensive mode to Defend instead of Overwatch
  • Pirate enemy icons not appearing
  • Missed translation on mission loadout "no equipment"
  • Change camera zoom and end turn keyboard shortcuts not working correctly
  • "Get Low" skill was triggering when movement was interrupted and second action was something other than movement

Files 143 MB
Version 54.1.0 Sep 13, 2021 146 MB
Version 54.1.0 Sep 13, 2021 142 MB
Version 54.1.0 Sep 13, 2021

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