Build 53.9: Adding Spanish and announcing Chinese

Yet another update in the ongoing Build 53 and localization project. I have some exciting news in the latest update (53.9) as Spanish is now an official language. I got the first version from the translator today so please let me know if you see any issues so i can get them resolved before the official launch of Build 53 (SOON!).

Another bit of news: Simplified Chinese is now confirmed as our next language. It will be about a month before we will get that into the next update.

Here’s the rest of the change log for 53.9

  • Added re-bindings for camera movement (so you can change it from WASD)
  • A long time bug was found and fixed! the opening encounters for the enemy class objectives were not being fired. 
  • A bug causing some inconsistent behavior for the “area aiming” interaction for the Wrecker weapon is now fixed 
  • Map shortcut on HUD was incorrect
  • Any “after encounter” outcomes were using the simplified version in English


53.9.2 is now live. here's the changelog:

  • Fixed some font and formatting issues related to Spanish
  • Resolved some issues with encounter and objective details not always appearing translated in non-English

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Version 53.9.2 Mar 25, 2021 146 MB
Version 53.9.2 Mar 25, 2021 143 MB
Version 53.9.2 Mar 25, 2021

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