Depth of Extinction Build 30 is live on First Access!

After a long delay due to conventions and the July 4th holiday, we are excited to share a few changes with you!

Featured changes:

  • New Faction: Cultists - We've hinted at some strange things going on in the DOE world, and the Cultists are a big part of that weirdness. Their bio weapons will make short work of you so make sure you've got a strong team before taking them on.
  • Defer Turn -  a long requested feature that allows you to pass the turn to the next character in the queue and leave the current character at the top. 
  • Recruit Screen - instead of a random team you can now choose your team and fully customize their name, voice and look. On subsequent play throughs (after the tutorial) you can choose to recruit higher level characters right away but at a higher cost.  somewhat inspired by the character chooser in Jagged Alliance 2 and we think this should make for interested options for restarts. We expect to still make some changes here so would love to get feedback!
  • New tutorial - the old tutorial with Maya and her team where you find the robots and lose them is gone. In its place we have a set level where you take your new recruits for a spin and get walked through the first few moves. 

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Version Build 30.2 Jul 08, 2017

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Ho yeaaah! It's fantastic ! I already love this build !!

Defer Turn + New tutorial + Recruit Screen are the ones I was hoping for, especially the "defer turn" and the customization ! It's a good news for the new tuto ! 

I will follow (and play it, of course) DOE and its updates until it's finished !  

I like this game, continue the updates like that ! : D

I will give you my feedback when I could !

- A French fan who tries to speak English correctly (sorry if I'm wrong) :') -  

Deleted 3 years ago

Cool! We only let you customize the character at the very beginning right now but add that into the main character menu later.

Also, we forgot to mention the new enemy faction we added: the Cultists! Still have a few things to add for them but they will show up in the 4th or 5th map area.

Ho, a "Deleted post" after mine, it's cool.. x) 

I'm in the third area right now but, I'll give you my feedback about the Cultists when I'll meet them !

I have a question, can you add the possibility to always move the camera, even during the enemy turn ?  I have choose "manual pan camera" option and it's frustrating not be able to move it and not to see whats the enemy do :/ 

PS . I don't understand what it is "reverse drag"

Hi. Glad you are enjoying it some so far. In auto mode the camera should always pan to a visible enemy on their turn. Making the camera always movable creates some issues but we can look into how we can make it work in a more satisfactory way.

The reverse drag is for the other mode of moving the camera with the mouse right click and drag. It reverses the orientation.