Build 41 Update

We don't normally make a patch for a First Access build unless there are bugs, but due to the fact that we radically changed the tactical controls in this build, we wanted to respond to some customer and playtester feedback with a few small changes:

Clear An Action. After choosing an action or targeting an enemy or cover, the action can be cleared by using the new close button or Hot Key (ESCAPE). Clearing the action will start the path drawing again.

Character Modal. The character modal used to close when clicked on but this had the effect of jumping right back into drawing the path, which seemed to occasionally result in a player moving to an unintended location. The box now closes when clicking outside the box and drawing will start immediately. So be careful and don't double click!

Exit mission when all enemies defeated. Several players have noted that the new loot scattered around the levels results in them being harder to clear and get the "auto mission end" to trigger. Now, when all enemies are defeated, a box will offer you the option of ending the mission immediately and can be reopened by clicking the evacuate button.

As always, please let us know if you find a bug!

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Version Build 41.8 Apr 23, 2018

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