So about those Character Classes...

We’ve been planning to totally rework the classes in Depth of Extinction for a while now, and Build 38 is where you finally get to see all that work in the game. No word yet on when that will be available in First Access, but it should be soon.

So what’s changing?

  • Five base classes
  • Six unlockable classes (four from enemy factions)
  • Weapons are reorganized and categorized into Weapon Classes (a few new ones added)
  • Character Classes are specialists with particular Weapon Classes (most with just one, but a few with multiple)
  • Weapons can be freely equipped, but there will be penalties for using a “non-class” weapon
  • Less skills unlocked via stat point upgrades
  • Class points now affect a particular stat within the game.

Level Up Screens

We've refactored the Level Up screen to better support the new classes

Base Classes

First, let’s talk about our five “base” classes. These are the classes available to you at the start of the game. This table breaks down the Skills available to those classes plus the effect upgrading the stat will have on the character.


Weapon Class


Stat Effect



Kill Shot

Visible Range



Snap Shot
Hit and Run
Close Combat

Reduce shotgun damage penalty



Itchy Trigger
Empty Clip
Combined Arms

Extra shots on every attack



Low Profile
Sneak Attack

Reduce Detection Range



Item Master
Close One
Double Tap


Now, the Weapon Classes

Weapons are now categorized in a more intuitive way and as mentioned, have a penalty for equipping outside of the character’s class. In most cases, this penalty is just that reloading will end the turn, even if done on the first action. Some weapons will have additional penalties or can’t be equipped at all unless the character has the class. Because character’s of a class have particular training they are able to better utilize the weapons, though any character can equip most weapons. We think this makes logical sense, unlike other games that won’t let you equip that #%@# shotgun!

You’ll see some Weapon Classes in the table below that aren’t in the class list above. These will all be available once all classes are unlocked!

Weapon Class





Rusty Sniper
Marksman Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Bone Lance
Plasma Sniper

Can’t move and use
Reload ends turn

Short range penalty


Rusty SMG
Automatic Rifle
Plasma SMG

1 less shot (min 2)
Reload ends turn

Multiple shots


Slime Spitter
Bile Cannon
Boss Bio Weapon

Reload ends turn



Rusty Shotgun
Sawed off Shotgun
Tactical Shotgun
Plasma Shotgun

Reload ends turn

Scaling damage based on range


Grenade Launcher
Stun Grenade Launcher
Plasma Launcher

Reload ends turn

Explosive projectiles
Only hold one ammo


Rusty Laser
Lightning Rifle
Laser Carbine
Laser Rifle
Arc Rifle
Plasma Rifle

Reload Ends Turn


Rusty Mini Gun
Mini Gun
Rusty Heavy Laser
Heavy Laser
Heavy Plasma

Can’t be equipped

Damage area of effect
Friendly fire


Small Harpoon
Harpoon Gun
Lance Rifle
Explosive Lance

Reload ends turn

Projectile weapons

What about the unlockable classes?

“Challenge missions” will become available once particular conditions are satisfied during the course of the game. If you take on one of these missions and are successful, then a new class will be unlocked. We’ll post more about that in a future update!

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One of the best tactical game I've play,  and it becomes more better with every build !! :D  

The evolution is crazy between the first version and the last ones ..

Nice! Thanks so much. We've got a few more "big" things left so my hope is you will think between this and the final version is a big jump too!

Big change, need testing, i'm curious to see how it will feel ingame. Seems good from the reading.

Definitely true. that's mainly why we are starting with just the 5 base classes. So far it feels pretty good as Saboteur is really the main new one and I like the Low Profile a lot. That skill makes the first attack against you miss if you are in cover. Let's you play it a bit more risky.

The other big change is really the Assault class no longer starts with Run and Gun (in fact that's part of an unlockable enemy class now) which changes a bit how you play with them. They get Snap Shot first, which is a free attack at reduced accuracy with a cooldown.