PS4 release, console keys giveaway and more news!

We've got a few pieces of news for you today!

DOE is out on PS4!

First, now that the PS4 version is live, Depth of Extinction is officially available on all the console! Recent Reviews of the console version have been really positive also! Here's a few for your viewing pleasure.

8/10 - One of the most detailed and immersive turn-based strategy games I have come across
Bonus Stage
4/5 - Not everyone will love Depth of Extinction's open-ended campaign as much as I did but it's a top-notch SRPG no matter how you slice it.
Video Chums
4/5 - It wasn’t until a certain firefight that it really clicked for me. It’s a stand off, I’m outnumbered, I have an item to revive a party member, but they’re across an open door where the opposition can shoot at me. Lucking out with an enemy missing, I can rush over to my downed party member, who I instruct to aim and wait to shoot if someone moves near the opened door. One enemy moves and gets shot, takes them out, we’re at even footing now. Rushing over to my party member also put me at a perfect angle to get a good shot in, which happened to be a critical shot taking them out as well. It might have all just been luck, but there was no matching the feeling of almost being sure you’d lose, to coming up victorious.
The Switch Effect
Depth of Extinction works surprisingly well for a small team targeting a mashup of two of the top games in their respective genres
7.8/10 - Depth of Extinction is a great inclusion to strategy on consoles and has all the depth to make for a genuinely exciting tactical experience. It’s balance of great control scheme mixed with a real focus on enjoyable gameplay mechanics makes it something that will no doubt stick in my memory for some time.
Critical Damage

Console Key Giveaway!

To celebrate all the consoles being live, we are going to have a giveaway! Anyone can sign up on the form to get on of 20 free keys to the console of their choice. Winners will be announced on August 10. 

Depth of Extinction CLASSIC

The original demo for DOE is now released as Depth of Extinction CLASSIC as a free download on! Released in 2016 as a tech demo for DOE so if you are curious about the origins, check it out. You can also read more about it on our blog post.

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