Patch notes for 52.11.3

I just pushed out a small update to try to solve a soft lock issue that was reported plus i included a few other fixes. Here are the details:

- attempted fix of a soft lock related to follow mode. In some case in battle, the "leader" character would be the only one you could control. Not 100% sure this is resolved as I couldn't reproduce the exact issue but i think this should do it. You should also be able to toggle off follow mode with the shortcut to fix it.
- Combined Arms will now only trigger with an "in class" weapon
- Itchy Trigger and Sentry skills will only give their effect on the player turn. It was possible to get the extra shot on a Combined Arms shot
- Bullet Hell can't be triggered if the character can't fire (it was possible to use with sniper rifle after moving)
- Max Damage for Grenade Launcher weapons was appearing as 0
- Low Profile state was not being set correctly for some cases like defend and reload
- Was not possible to use Boost Aim and fire a sniper rifle out of class
- The main menu buttons in the cutscenes were not responding to mouse clicks

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Version 52.11.3 9 days ago

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