Definitive Edition Bug Fixes Are Live!

Hopefully you are all enjoying the latest update to Depth of Extinction! I also did a post on Steam with some more details if you want to check that out as well.

I've made some bug fixes based on the reports from users (thank you!) and pushed out Build that is now live on

  • fixed soft lock when beating the final story objective boss (reported by user)
  • some in mission cutscene polish
  • improve stats display on equipment database
  • encounter typo (reported by user)
  • add a slight delay when enemies overwatch or use a skill on first action to let camera catch up (this might still need work)
  • moved the tutorial panel to the left edge of the screen so it's less obtrusive
  • Characters can't overwatch on invisible enemies
  • ammo icon not displaying correctly
  • alert/confirm modal boxes fighting for selection in controller mode
  • team edit screen not working with controller
  • too many character spawning in cutscenes
  • sub auto equip letting you add an extra character
  • added level to small character displays
  • canceling the launch in the tutorial loadout (merc screen) makes the launch button unresponsive
  • main menu enemy faction shortcuts in controller not working
  • logo was compressed and getting artifacts

EDIT: added build with the following

  • after mission modal boxes fighting for selection in controller mode
  • Assault skill Close Encounter had several cases where it was not granting the free attack when it should have
  • Reset skill cooldowns when alert level changes (user suggestion)

EDIT added build 59.9.9 with the following

  • Speed 5 point skill is updated to make firing no longer end the turn
  • Skill cool downs now reset when the alert level changes back to LOW
  • When you have multiples of an item and one is equipped the others could not always be equipped
  • issue with tutorial doors sometimes not unlocking so requirements to pick up all loot dropped by enemies relaxed
  • Objectives no longer display a difficulty level and final objective missions scale with team level. max difficulty is limited by the enemy area.
  • Added "Restart Mission" button to the mission menu screen
  • Enemies not joining battle when player walks into their LOS but ends the move outside LOS

Files 103 MB
Version 52.9.9 Apr 06, 2020 115 MB
Version 52.9.9 Apr 06, 2020 99 MB
Version 52.9.9 Apr 06, 2020

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