Build 51.5: more bug fixes!

I've fixed a few more issues that have been reported over the last few weeks with Build 51. Thanks so much for all the Bug Reports in game and posts on the forum. I'm very appreciative of the help in finding these issues and glad I could get them fixed. 

Please let me know if you find more!

Build 51.5.1 patch notes

  • Black screen appearing on mission retry
  • Blind characters couldn't reload or fire at all in spite of the hit details saying they had a small chance to hit
  • Character switching UI element appearing on enemy turn if before a player character
  • Characters constantly popping up and down when in cover
  • Could not pass through door into hostage room
  • Other possible door issues resolved
  • Put Out Fire button enabled when on "extra" action (like Hit and Run, etc)
  • When sub moves, map node flags should disappear
  • Only display the item filters on a merchant if you have more than 8 items
  • On mission loadout, while the confirm box is open if the next character (shoulder) button is pressed, the box stays open but loses focus

Files 103 MB
Version 51.5.1 Sep 30, 2019 115 MB
Version 51.5.1 Sep 30, 2019 99 MB
Version 51.5.1 Sep 30, 2019

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