Build 51 is Live

Build 51 is here and is focused around bug fixes and small improvements. I had planned a few major changes to the game but ultimately decided there wasn't time to test and balance them so I decided to de-scope them for now. 

There were just too many bug fixes that needed to get in for me to want to take more time to finish a more significant update before releasing this one. There was some progress made on those improvements, so they may still be added in the future.

Please let me know about bugs you run into while playing as I plan to push out 1-2 more bug fix builds this week to resolve any lingering problems.

Build 51 release notes

  • Performance boost to battle scenes
  • Can open menu and pause during cinematics
  • One button "defer to next character" shortcut and UI element
  • Saving icon when data is saved
  • Small improvements to menus
  • Mini Map on HUD opens larger
  • Redid loading screen and added missing difficulty
  • Added current music name/artist to menu

Controller Updates

  • Added Rumble
  • Shoulder buttons immediately defer to next character (if possible)
  • Changed the DPAD left/right to moving through the in game interactions
  • Changed the DPAD up to mini map
  • Changed the DPAD down to follow mode toggle
  • On Objective loadout, "next character" auto selected
  • When something is "selected" holding the left stick for a short time will deselect and start the path drawing again

Bug fixes

  • Enemy and loot spotted getting cut off
  • Out of fuel encounters would sometimes want you to buy fuel when you didn't have enough credits
  • Crashes when fighting mechs
  • Can now replace a character in the sub on the Objective Loadout

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Version 51.4.1 Sep 16, 2019 115 MB
Version 51.4.1 Sep 16, 2019 99 MB
Version 51.4.1 Sep 16, 2019

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