The Tragedy of Kaiser Kiwi

Meet Kaiser Kiwi. Abandoned as a little kiwi chick, he was raised by hawks. They taunted him relentlessly, since he could not fly like them. This instilled in him a deep hatred of all happy things, like roly polys. He also became an excellent engineer.

As we meet Kiwi, he has decided to kidnap the roly polys and take them to his castle on the edge of the frozen desert.

He’s clearly got a bit of an ego problem and I guess he solved the flying issue with those mechanical wings.

But what else has he cooked up to stop Polyroll?

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I'm surprised you're willing to offer a bit of lore/background for this, even if it's this Adventures-of-Sonic-the-Hedgehog-esque simplistic explanation.

It's a nice hint of 90's baddies have interesting background bits to know, even if they're simple and approachable. Thanks for this.