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Have you thought about doing a physical version for Switch?

Hey, sorry for the delay in answering. It had been considered but I don't think it will happen now since it's been a while since the launch.

I don't quite see why that would have anything to do with doing a physical.

It's a fair amount of work (that might not be obvious) and we've all moved on to other projects at this point. 


Woah awesome to see this game came out! I remember seeing it at the Sothern Fried Gaming EXPO a few years ago and thought it looked awesome! Definitely going to check this out!


nice! Hope you like it!

Hi! It says that purchase comes with a steam key. How do I access it? Can't find it anywhere.

Hey sorry for the delay in answering this because I just noticed it. Normally the key is available on the download page but itch support has told me in the past that there are some cases where the buyer can't access it right away. I think you maybe should try to open a ticket with them if you still can't get your key. You can email

Thank you for the info, I'll send them an email.

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also check the download page again (if you haven't) because it might be there now.

any plans for a linux version? A linux port would be great

Hey, sorry we missed this question. Unfortunately, the engine does not export to Linux and the costs for porting are too high to make sense for us. 

There was a thread on steam about playing it with proton but not sure about that and we can't officially support it.

Can you update the itch version to match the Steam version? It's outdated.

Also I thought it was fully released? Why does it still say "In Development" ?


thanks. we fixed both issues.